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Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany

Signal-Construct-products available

Individual distributors currently have delivery delays with products from our current product range, although the items are on short call.
If you may have been affected, please contact us for further information or for a list of sources.

Miniature LED spot LuxoFix with Snap-In mounting: Minimal installation depth at 1.7 watts

Luxofix LED-Miniatur Spot Snap InMinimal installation diameter as small as 32 mm, at 22.5 mm depth!
Thanks to snap-in mounting the spot is not only fitted in no time, but also guarantees a secure hold from plate thickness of 2 mm up to solid material like wooden furniture.

Connecting and wiring is a child's play by using our approved system-cables from our SiLux® LED spot system.




LED-Spot MR11 / GU4

Ideal replacement for halogen lamps.


With the new LED spot in MR11 design, Signal Construct provides a lamp which represents the technical possibilities with more than 90 lumens per Watts.


New: Holders for (LED-) festoon lamps

Festoon lamp holder w lamps

Our extensive production program of LED festoon lamps, available in versions 8x31/39 and 11x39/43 was now supplemented with corresponding holders for these sizes.

Great value was placed on a flat design.


Dimmable LED cockpit lamp

led-cockpit lamp Dimmable LED-Cockpit lamp with 5 high-efficiency-LEDs and integrated optics with 32° angle of radiation.

Ideal for busses, trams and trucks, for mobile homes and boats, as well as a driver's desk lamp for rail vehicles.

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