Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany
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Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany

Ultra-Flat indicator lamp mounting-Ø 12 mm

Indicator lamp SK12 all colours

Our signal lamp series SK12 complements our portfolio of high quality signal and indicator lights to a new, super-slim version.

Brilliant luminosity, optimal on-/ off-contrast through the frosted luminous surface, IP67 protection and easy connection by tab-terminals 2.8 x 0.5mm are the outstanding features.


Multi-Star LED with socket W2.1x9.5d

The new LED Multi-Star by Signal-Construct is the LED-based alternative for signal lamps with W2.1x9.5d socket.

Signal-Construct MWGW95 W2.1x9.5dThe combination of SMD chip LEDs with a special reflector and a special diverging lens, proven millions of times in our multi-Look® lamps, provides both a radiation angle similar to a multi-chip LED and a higher brightness of approx. factor 3.


LED-Indicators with signs or labels

signal-construct sk16 symbol1

Need informative indicators?

Signal-Construct is your proven manufacturer of custom LED solutions.

This includes LED signal and indicator lamps that pass defined informations beyond a plain coloured on / off indication.


LED-Lamp with socket BX8.4d

Based on our approved Multi-Look®-LED we created this BX8.4d-socket lamp for the professional user.
By substituting the old incandescent lamps in dashboards with our new MWTB84xx you can be pretty sure the next replacement won't be necessary for a very long time.
In addition you do not have to worry about polarity due to the integrated special bipolar-LED. Even full AC-operation is possible.


Ultrabright LED festoon lamps 12V and 24V

Festoon LED-lamp 12V / 24V MSOH1143Our new MSOH-series of fully AC/DC-capable LED festoon lamps of Ø 11 x 43 millimeters size impresses with its excellent brightness and durability at a power consumption of only 0.5 and 0.6 watts.

The 12/14 volts version features 2 LED-chips which generate remarkable 50 lumens, the 3-chip-type for 24/28 volts produces even 75 lumens while consuming merely 0.5 watts electrical power.

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