Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany
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Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany

Luminous dodecahedron

Luminous dodecahedron 1... in the Mathematikum Gießen, with LEDs from Signal-Construct!

The Mathematikum in Gießen is the world's first mathematical interactive museum.

It's ambition is to make mathematics with all senses learnable, to show mathematical interrelations in everyday objects and to open in this way new doors to mathematics.


Jumbo-LEDs Ø 20mm for industrial use

Jumbo-LED 20mm

Our jumbo-LED-series LD 20 can be directly connected to 12 oder 24 volts without additional wiring or external cicuits.

Because of the size of the luminous surface and the homogeneous emission over 180° this LED is ideal for operation in machines and plants.


Minostar - the power-saving miracle - 140 lumens at 1 watt!

Miniature LED-Sport Minostar by Signal-ConstructTiny in size, huge in light output: Our Minostar is a miniature LED spot of superlatives.


LED-Reading- / Workplace lamp oSCar

oSCarOur LED-lamp oSCar is suitable as well as a reading- and as a workplace-lamp for precision works and impresses with high-grade materials and its sturdiness.

The plain yet stylish design features a lateral glowing ring around the lamp's head and combines perfectly with the various available colour combination of the metal parts

The On- / Off soft pushbutton switch is located on the top of the lamp's head.


SiLux® LED Spot System

SiLux®-Spot chrom

The appeal of our LED-spot-systems is not only charaterized in its brilliant light, but also in its easy tool-free yet reliable installing.

The SiLux ® series makes no exception. Reverse polarity protected system cables makes installation a breeze: After connecting the first spot to the power supply, the connection to further spots is performed by daisy-chaining them one to another. It's that simple.

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