Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany
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Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany

SiLux® LED Spot System

SiLux®-Spot chrom

The appeal of our LED-spot-systems is not only charaterized in its brilliant light, but also in its easy tool-free yet reliable installing.

The SiLux ® series makes no exception. Reverse polarity protected system cables makes installation a breeze: After connecting the first spot to the power supply, the connection to further spots is performed by daisy-chaining them one to another. It's that simple.


Decorative LED-Lamp with star-shaped backlight-effect

led-dekolampe-e27This LED-Lamp with E27 socket is decorative, waterproof (IP65) and shock resistant and was specifically designed for the illumination of buildings and carnival rides. Since the lamp is equipped with LEDs on the back too and the housing has a structure like a Fresnel lens, fascinating light effects are projected on wall, ceiling or facade .


30mm-Spot, minimum installation size - 1,7 W - IP67

qmfp30Ultra compact LED spot with 30 mm installation diameter. Brilliant and economical due to use of high quality SMD LEDs. Mounting with nut, easy wiring by reverse-connect protected system cables. In white and warm white for illumination purposes, in 4 basic colors for signalisation, ingress protection rating IP67.


Power-LED-strip for outdoor usage


These LED-strip-modules created especially for outdoor applications feature extreme reliability in various environmental conditions.

Neither relative humidity of up to 95% nor temperatures changing from -40°C to 80°C (approx. -40°F to 176°F) will show any noticeable impairment.


LED-lamps for emergency lighting


Our LED-lamps for emergency lighting offer the same current consumption and intensity regardless of being operated in either AC- or DC-mode.

Therefore they suit especially for applications where full functionality is mandatory in mains- as well as battery-operation.

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