Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany
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Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany
Multi-Look®-Plus LED-Lamp Ba9, E10, E14 and Ba15

The new LED-lamp of Signal Construct comes up with with an excellent ratio of brightness and viewing angle.
An intensity of 2,3 cd makes it clearly visible even in bright sunlight.

Recessed Wall Lamp 90x90mm

Wand-Einbauleuchte 90x90mmThese lamps are well known as orientation light or tread-lighting equipped with
conventional incandescent or halogen lamps.
In contrast to the widespread
LED "retrofit" applications, Signal Construct designed with the "QAGR90" a product
incorporated with all the experience and knowledge of our long-time development of
industrial-grade LED-solutions.

LED-Kleinlampen T1 ¾ für Gleich- und Wechselspannung
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LED-Lampe mit Sockel BA5s, BA7s, MG 5.7, BAT 5,5 und T 6,8. Mit Zwei-Weg-Gleichrichtung, also volle Helligkeit im AC Betrieb.
Die T 1 ¾-Bauform der Multi-Look-LED-Lampen kann Signal-Construct nun auch mit integrierter Zwei-Weg-Gleichrichtung anbieten.

LED-Beacon-Lamp for Operation Indicator: Sistar®-II

mbre14For safe and economic operation, machines, systems and plants are equipped with
beacon- and pilot-lamps which must be clearly perceptible from long distances.

For this purpose the still commonly used incandescent lamps are rather inappropriate, since they do not meet today's demands of reliability, durability, and energy-efficiency.

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