Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany
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Signal-Construct - LED-Technik Made in Germany

LED-Spot MR11 / GU4

Ideal replacement for halogen lamps.


With the new LED spot in MR11 design, Signal Construct provides a lamp which represents the technical possibilities with more than 90 lumens per Watts.


Dimmable LED cockpit lamp

led-cockpit lamp Dimmable LED-Cockpit lamp with 5 high-efficiency-LEDs and integrated optics with 32° angle of radiation.

Ideal for busses, trams and trucks, for mobile homes and boats, as well as a driver's desk lamp for rail vehicles.


Signal-Construct -  Experts in LED-housings


We offer the most extensive production program of  LED housings and holders for front panel mounting.

Plastic housings for screw and snap in versions are available, which are also provided as blind covers. Furthermore, we offer metal housings with screw threads for 3mm LEDs with mounting Ø 6mm up to versions for 10mm LEDs and hole Ø 14mm, partially also with protection class IP67.


Mini-LED-Spot PicoStar®: Multi voltage lamp BA9s / E10

Power LED with 85% energy saving compared to conventional 10W halogen lamps


Universal use in cars, trucks, boats and trains due to wide voltage range of 12-30V DC (AC up to 26V) and polarity-independent installation in DC mode.

Ideal for use in reading or cockpit lamps.

Aluline - the LED-Spot with BA15d-base

Aluline - the LED-Spot with BA15d-base

aluline mhdd15-aWether as reading light, accent or precision work lighting.
Durable, UV- and IR-free. Vibration and shock resistant.
Uncritical at frequent and fast switching cycles.

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