LEDs for PC Boards - Overview
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LEDs for PC Boards - Overview
Diversity on the PC board: Whether it is standard LEDs for main boards, rotary encoder indicators, mini LEDs or light pipe systems, we offer a wide range of roughly 30 versions. To make it fit properly, the LED pins are formed right in automated tools according to the customer’s specifications. Even complicated bends „around the corner“ can be realised. For further automated processing, the LEDs are taped and are compactly packaged on reels, in an ammo or a blister pack. The production of PC boards requires very different LED solutions, depending on the field of application. We, Signal-Construct, focus on diversity and offer not only classic LED elements, but also develop our own custom-made solutions, such as LED light pipes with lateral radiation protection in unit size 2x5 mm.
LED Standoff
For 3 and 5-mm LEDs – spacer height from 2.5 to 25mm – optionally with or without LED – assembled standoffs available with crimp.
Same as RTA-3025, RTA-3250, RTA-5025, RTA-5250 and others.
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LED units with 2,5mm LED, angled
LED unit series for direct soldering on PC boards. Therein used LEDs provide sufficient brightness starting from a current consumption of approx. 4 mA and are also suitable for low power applications. They were specifically developed to provide a space saving alternative to standard indicator units.
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LED Units With 3mm-LED, angled
LED units with angled 3-mm-LED for mounting on PC boards. Some series can be mounted side by side resp. are equipped with an additional mounting stud.
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LED Arrays With 3mm-LED, angled
LED array with 3-mm-LED, angled, single or multi-coloured. Series DUH provides a choice of standoffs in various dimensions.
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LED Arrays With 3mm-LED, upright
LED arrays, single or multi-coloured, with 3-mm-LED, provide solutions for various application problems. Polarity marking on each individual element. Thanks to the housing material used, the complete array can be separated into small units.
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LED Indicator and Array Systems With 5-mm-LED, Angled
Single and multiple LED units with 5-mm-LED. The user-related system is based on a standard layout with additional applications such as integrated 3-pole LEDs, additional mounting studs, and/or a front ring.
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LED Units for SMD Mounting
LED indicator for PCB mounting with automatic placement thanks to standard delivery on carrier tape. While standard SMD LEDs often require light pipes that must be placed manually, these types are able to replace wired LED indicators without additional work. Series DAS (vertical type) for applications that usually require standoffs. Also available as LED standoff for conventional placement. Series DUS (horizontal type) suitable for smallest dimensions and lowest possible weight. A minimum LED pitch of 5 mm has to be observed.
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LED Arrays With 2,5mm LED, upright and angled
Small, compact and much more information on the same space – the LED PCB indicators of the SICO MiniLine. This sets standards, and the most compact LED block of our range is therefore best suited where it is too narrow for standard components.
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LED Arrays With Rectangular LEDs
Single or multi-coloured LED arrays and blocks with rectangular LEDs. Series ZAL/ZAQ/ZAE are the ideal combination of smallest housing dimensions and biggest possible LED head area. The active surface of the mounted LEDs is about the same as of 5x2-mm-LEDs. Protection against radiation from LED to LED by a chamber system.
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Light Pipes
Single light pipes and light pipe arrays, round or rectangular shaped.
Catalogue Light Pipes
LED Light Pipes
LED light pipe combinations in heights from 20 to 65 mm.
Catalogue Light Pipes
LED Processing
You have special mechanical requirements, or you need specially formed LED units, IR diodes, photo diodes or other electronic small parts that are not available „off the rack“? We can do LED processings that offer very individual solutions. Whether it is rational processing in your production or specially formed units for efficient and economic assembly – thanks to our longstanding know-how and our own production lines, we provide the right answer to your request.
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LED Reel Taping
Signal-Construct offers Tape & Reel Service for LED components for further processing. Also available in ammo-packs or blister-tapes.
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LED Modules and Rotary Encoder Indicator
LED module 18x18 10x10 30x15 and rotary encoder indicator
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ZZPI / LED on Jumper
LED array ZZPI with angled LEDs and LEDs soldered on jumpers as an alternative to LED light pipe systems.
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For further information regarding LED products, Signal Construct will be happy to assist you. Whether it is technical information you need, or an individually established offer, or you would like samples to be sent to you, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it