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We set standards, not only in terms of products, but also in terms of production. For example, since 1984, SMD mounting and bonding of components by spot-welding, meanwhile also ultrasonic welding, have been part of our processing portfolio.


Today we are processing 60 million components per year with our modern machinery.
The main field is the automated LED processing - machining, taping, reeling and placement of the highest standard: mass production and high volumes at consistently high quality.

Tool Shop
Our tool shop ensures fast response and short development cycles to customer requests and new requirements to the production. For the processing, machining, taping, reeling and placement of LEDs, we prefer to realize our own exclusive, innovative in-house solutions. A benefit for you: low costs for top quality
Plastics Manufacturing Facility
The production of injection-moulded plastic components has been an integral part of our in-house production for years, making possible a large production depth.
Test Devices
Our development department is equipped with state-of-the-art optical test devices for measuring all optical parameters of spot and flood lights. These include goniometers, spectrometers, optical benches and integrating spheres etc.
This allows the exact measurement of the luminous intensity (cd/qm, lm, lx), wavelength, colour coordinates, colour temperature and colour spectrum of our LED products and other illuminants.
On more than 300 square metres of ESD-protected production space, LEDs are machined, taped and reeled. Our processing capabilities comprise cutting, crimping and various bending methods, also multiple bending.
Fully automated pcb-assembly from up to 70 feeders, even with leaded (THT) LEDs which have been processed before on our special machines according customers demand: pins cut and bent and assembled to offsets.
The pre- and final assembly of the LED components is carried out with particular care by our well-qualified staff, supported by our modern machinery. The latter has been largely modified by in-house developments to perform efficient production processes, so ensuring on-time, cost-efficient quality according to ISO standards.

We are proud to say this makes us leading across Europe in this respect– the automotive industry, among others, draw on us for know how and service.