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Development & Manufacturing

Development and research are essential at Signal-Construct. A team of engineers and technicians not only develops products to complement and improve their own portfolio, but also offers the implementation of customized LED solutions for a variety of applications.
The range of services includes the development and conception of the desired end product, the production of the first test samples using own 3D printing and plotter technology, the construction of tools and peripheral production components, and the series production of the products.
The available machinery ranges from different assemby and pick-and-place systems to the production of the required plastic parts to final production using a variety of methods such as piston soldering with soldering robot, induction and laser soldering and ultrasonic joining technology and 2-component casting techniques.

  • Research
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • High-Tech Manufacturing

LED with profile - light stripes in modular construction

The SicoFix LED stripe light system with its compact dimensions and innumerable equipment variants can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors. For example, SicoFix is used internationally for steps, as backlight for info boards, in elevators or for effective object lighting. In the residential area, the light stripes are used with warm white, elegant light for indirect lighting.

  • Flexible Installation
  • In- and Outdoors
  • Long Lifetime
  • Made in Germany

En Route with SICO - bright with buses, trains, planes and ships

Whether combined head / tail light, timetable reading lamp for trains, cabin lighting or red light on the bridge of SAR cruisers, shower indicators in wide-body airliners or button / switch lighting in cockpits, the list of available products and possible applications can be continued indefinitely.
Signal Construct lighting solutions often replace not only conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, but also ensure significantly extended maintenance cycles and optimized visibility even in extreme ambient temperatures.
Temperature and climate tests are possible with our own equipment in the range of -70 ° C to + 120 ° C to ensure durability even in the most diverse climatic conditions of use.

  • LED Lamps for Mobility
  • Up to 40.000 Hours of Lifetime
  • Less Maintenance
  • High Visibility

Product variety online and as a catalogue

Discover the entire product portfolio of LED lamps, spots, lights, status indicators and much more from Signal-Construct. Use our extensive product database here on the website or request our current catalogues for "analogue" browsing. Not all products and series have made it into the catalogs. That is one of the reasons why we are always personally available for your request.
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