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LED miniature lamp with bulb-like light emission

If a large viewing angle is required, conventional LED signal lights commonly can not perform the emission characteristics of incandescent lamps.
SiCo's MBQx32 LED module eliminates this shortage.

Integrated, 3-directional LEDs bring light into the most remote angle thanks to their high efficiency, and thus can easily replace incandescent lamps from 3 - 5W. They are available for voltages 12/14 or 24 / 28V AC / DC, so when changing to LED, you need not even to consider polarity.

The lamps are available in 6 colours, and with different lamp sockets.

Further information and links to the data sheets::

MBQB3203xx with socket BA9s

MBQE3203xx with socket E10

These lamps and other LED innovations can be found in our catalogue LED-Power on Lamp Sockets.


LED brightness Made in Germany. By Signal-Construct.