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New Indicator Lamp Types SK / SM 16 in IP67

Due to the demand for signal lamps with high brightness - especially for outdoor use - we have designed two new product lines.

LED indicator SKCE16 3-coloured LED indicator SKCE16 3-coloured

The integrated light element of the standard version SKC16 now contains a new LED with significantly improved performance. At the same time we have replaced the flat connecting tabs by a version with 2.8 x 0.8 mm.

In addition, we have developed a super flat version with anodized aluminum housing, based on the in-house manufactured 12.8mm LED for 12 or 24V DC.

LED indicator SKCE16 red, aluminium housing black LED indicator SKCE16 green, aluminium housing black LED indicator SKCE16 back with tab terminals

The LED housing is optimally suited for laser marking with symbols or signs. The marking is done in the factory with high contrast and abrasion resistant on the inside of the cover plate.

LED indicator SMEP16 engraving "safety belt" red, aluminium black LED indicator SMEP16 engraving "ABS" yellow, aluminium black LED indicator SMEP16 engraving "doors" red, aluminium black Indicator SKCD16 sample engraving white, plastic metallized Indicator SKCD16 sample engraving blue, plastic metallized 

In addition to the standard flat connecting tabs , this type can also be supplied with stranded wires or jacketed lines up to 0.56mm².

The likewise new SKxH16-series, equipped with middle power LEDs in plastic housing, are particularly recommended for outdoor use in daylight conditions due to their up to 10 times brightness compared to the previous SK16 versions.

Available versions:

  • NEW! SMEP16 (aluminium housing black anodized, super flat)
  • NEW! SMFP16 (aluminium housing nature anodized, super flat)
  • SKCE16 (plastic housing, 3-colour LED)
  • SKCD16 (plastic housing, chrome-coloured metallized)
  • SKED16 (plastic housing, black)
  • NEW! SKCH16 (super bright, platic chrome-coloured metallized)
  • NEW! SKEH16 (super bright, plastic black)

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